A web-based interface for controlling the IoT thermostat

The API-based IoT thermostat system I have been working on has four main components:

  1. HVAC Controller, Software and API
  2. Temperature Sensor, Software, and API
  3. Thermostat Logic, and API
  4. Interface for controlling thermostat

This post is about the fourth and final component: the web app for controlling the thermostat. Technically the IoT thermostat can function completely without this component (intentionally so), but it provides a convenient interface for the user to interact with the different APIs associated with the IoT thermostat. In fact, multiple interfaces could be created, such as a mobile app or an alternative web app. The thermostat web app is essentially just a front end interface for the thermostat API.


A traditional thermostat is interfaced with physical buttons and a display. The thermostat web app serves to emulate this functionality by providing virtual buttons and displaying current information.


Web App

I implemented the web app in javascript and used jquery to make requests to the APIs. The app is pretty simple and the current design is a little ugly. Hopefully I can find time to make the UI look a little nicer in the future. Regardless, the app is a functional interface for controlling the IoT thermostat design that I have been building.

Web app url: thermostat.zachbrogan.com

Web app code: github.com/zbrogz/thermostat

Language: Javascript, HTML

Server: Amazon EC2 Ubuntu instance running NGINX

Domain: BYU Domains (*.zachbrogan.com)

The web app provides the following features:

  1. Buttons for increasing/decreasing the set temperature
  2. Controls for changing the thermostat mode
  3. A switch for changing the fan mode
  4. Display current temperature
  5. Display HVAC status
    • When idle, the background turns gray
    • When heating, the background turns red
    • When cooling, the background turns blue
    • When ventilating, the background turns green

Thermostat Web App – Idle


Thermostat Web App – Heating


Thermostat Web App – Cooling


Thermostat Web App – Ventilating

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